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19th June 2018

Latest News From HNGRT JANUARY 2018

The Trust’s steam locomotive ‘Cloister’ Hunslet No: 542 (1891) was back in steam during 2017 thanks to help from the Statfold team. Acquiring a boiler certificate enabled the engine to operate at the annual Threlkeld Quarry Event in July and then be invited to steam at the West Lancs Light Railway for their 50th Anniversary Celebration Events in August and September. Thanks are due to both railways for their invitations. 'Cloister' will also feature at the 2018 Railway Event on 22nd July.

With possible future visits to Wales, steam locomotive ‘Wendy’ has also been busy.

Bagnall No: 2091 (1919) ‘Wendy’ is currently at Hayling Seaside Railway having ‘starred’ in the special event to launch HSR’s new Depot and Station at Eaststoke Corner on 6th August 2017. Reoccurence of a broken left hand steam elbow was hastily repaired by a member prefabricating a replacement. The original has now been repaired to maintain originality, the cast part will be re-instated at a later date.

The Trust is now preparing for ‘Wendy’s 100th Anniversary Tour during 2019. Prior to the celebrations members hope to carry out repairs to motion parts. For 2018 several options for visits are being considered.

Petrol Simplex ‘Brambridge Hall’ is now operational at The Brickworks on demonstration trains but ex Fawley Refinery 2 cylinder Petrol Simplex remains out of action pending necessary funds for a rebuild.

A new Agreement has been signed at the Brickworks.

At the beginning of the year the Trust has renewed their agreement with the Museum Trust at Bursledon Brickworks and remain Duty Holders for all railways on site.

The railway now has in its care a Hibberd Type 39 Planet 2 cylinder diesel locomotive.

Thanks to one of its Trustees, this is a welcome addition to the fleet. Having electric start it has already become a favourite.

Winter work includes:

Upgrading the turnout between the Mineral and Passenger lines and also the annual ‘Festival of leaves on the line’ is being held as usual. The miniature railway is also having a check over and a new electric locomotive is hoped to be in action soon.

Ruston ‘Alistair’ has returned to Hayling Seaside Railway.

‘Alistair’ a 2 cylinder 11/13HP diesel, on loan to HNGRT for a number of years, returned during March 2017. The new owner has begun restoration of this historic locomotive, once used on building the Ffestiniog Railway track deviation.

Download the 2018 news as a PDF document.

2017 News

September's Railway Event went well, as hoped the 7¼” track relaying was completed, so all lines were running, passenger trains on the the Light and Miniature Railways and demonstrations on the Mineral Line. Also after an official re-launch the Hibberd 'Planet' Type 39 Diesel locomotive No: 3787 on loan to the Trust, hauled passengers around the track during the afternoon.

Improvements to the Mineral Line.

This line is used for demonstrations and locomotive movements and has been in operation for over 20 years with routine maintenance. During this winter season we are planning improvements, with organised teamwork sessions, to dig out and renew ballast and re-align some of the track.
We are always grateful for offers of help with this, please contact our Secretary for planned dates.

Cloister due back soon

Whilst extensive repair work was carried out on Cloister, at Statfold Barn Railway following a transport lifting accident, it was decided it was a good opportunity to carry out other 'fair wear and tear' jobs. One of the piston rods was fractured and needed to be replaced also as both steam pipe unions were probably 125 years old and one had stripped threads both were repaired.
The locomotive has been run and tested and will be returned to us shortly.

New Engine Shed

We are preparing a head shunt associated with the access to the proposed Shed. An existing storage shed also requires moving to a new location. All planning requirements have been reached, funding is the next stage.

A Hudson Coach joins the fleet.

This coach, originally from Devon, has been kindly put on loan to the Trust from a private owner and Trustee. It is slightly shorter than our existing coach but being covered may help in bad weather. It also has a balcony. We hope to put it into use next season giving us extra capacity on our 2 ft trains making a great difference at busy times.

Autumn 2016 News

Railway event 25th September 2016 - Bursledon Light Railway at the Brickworks

Trains, Trains, Trains !

The Trust will be operating every locomotive it can muster. There will be passenger trains on the mainline, demonstrations on the mineral line, including the Country Brickworks exhibit. A special feature will be the official launch of the Hibberd 'Planet' Type 39 diesel locomotive No. 3787 of 1956, that has been returned to operation for the first time since the 'Durley fire' in 1988. HNGRT Trustee, Phil Mason, has kindly made the engine available on loan to the Railway Trust. Steam saddle tank Wendy will be on site but unfortunately not likely to be in steam. The miniature railway will also be making a welcome return to operation after being out of action for 9 months. Two train operation will be in use and some guest locomotives have been promised to 'mix and match'. Inside the museum there will be a selection of model railways on display and being operated and all the usual museum attractions as well as, of course, the Cafe!

Why not pay us a visit and see the extensive narrow gauge system on the 13 acre site!

Engine Shed Planning Application granted.

Permission to erect a Locomotive Shed for the 2 foot gauge line at Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum has been received after a number of schemes failed to materialise.

The area has now been cleared and ground works quotations sought, to go forward into the HLF grant application for the necessary funds. Track has also been prepared to gain access from the main line into the shed area. An inter-locking Head Shunt is being prepared. The proposal is for a 14 metre two road shed, housing up to 6 locomotives

Passenger Line developments

Members and volunteers have been busy carrying out ballasting improvements to the main line. Some 60 tonnes of recycled material have been deployed.

Attention is now focussed on the provision of more sidings to help operations and a 'display' siding adjacent to the internal roadway

Cloister at Norden

Quarry Hunslet 'Cloister', part of the Trust's narrow gauge collection, returned to steam during 2014 and has been on loan to the Purbeck Mineral and Mining Museum at Norden, Dorset.

Unfortunately the locomotive has received extensive damage during a move to the Swanage Railway Locomotive Works for agreed work to be carried out. It has just been confirmed that Cloister will be taken to Statfold Barn Railway in early September for the necessary repairs to be done.

7¼ Gauge Miniature Railway

This passenger carrying line has steadily developed at Bursledon since building commenced in 2008. There is now a pupose built maintenance shed accessed by means of a traverser. The line has not operated since Novemeber 2015 due to construction work for the Brickworks North Engine installation. Reinstating the track is now advanced with commencement of services due in September

The opportunity has been taken to replace older sections of track and make improvements to the turntable. Some 30 tonnes of new ballast have been laid in connection with this work. Locomotives providing train services are Steam, Electric and Petrol-Hydraulic subject to availability

Locomotive repairs

Bagnall loco No2091 'Wendy' underwent an extensive boiler rebuild during 2011/12. This included a new smokebox tube plate, Backhead plate repairs and a new firebox.

Outstanding work to the locomotive remains. This includes work on the motion and axle bearings and replacement or repair of the cracked right hand cylinder that has been repaired before. Due to the cost involved, the Trustees are preparing an HLF grant application to hopefully speed up her return to operation.

Petrol Simplex: 'Brambridge Hall'
The locomotive has received attention to the engine but further work is necessary to the Magneto and Carburettor.

It is hoped to return to operation for the 25th September Railway Event.

Agwi Pet

This locomotive is stored pending a full overhaul but is otherwise complete and available for display.

Agwi will be on display for September.

The Trust

The Trust became a Registered Charity in March 2016. (No: 1166251). This comes 10 years after the formation of HNGRT and 55 years after the founding of the organisation!

It is hoped that this will open a new chapter for funding the Trust and not only help support the collection but enable us to continue our work in Narrow Gauge

Engine Shed - Appeal for funding

The Trust is seeking funding towards the construction of a new build two road locomotive shed for the 2ft system at Bursledon Brickworks . HNGRT have already provided £800 for the cost of the planning process, but now requires further funds for the necessary pre-project development, prior to making an application the the Heritage Lottey Fund. Can you help?

The 'up front' funds needed are for initial work as follows:

  • Drawings for Foundations and floor slab.
  • Technical assistance with the application process.
  • Fitting out and installation of trackwork to the building.

The Trust estimates the HLF element to be in the order of £45,000. But the initial costs are in the region of £10,000. Some aspects of the work will be undertaken by members and volunteers as matching funding. The result, when completed, will be a maintenance, restoration and storage building of some 7.5 metres by 15 metres long, able to house approximately six narrow gauge locomotives in comfort!

To achieve this, HNGRT are developing direct grant funding routes but if you can help by making a gift aided donation or supplying goods and services, then please contact HNGRT.

We appreciate all help, financial or otherwise to get the facility constructed without delay! For more information and making a donation, please email : Marking your message 'Shed Appeal'

Thank you